Earth has been abandoned. It is time for humans to look for a new planet-refuge. Can a cab driver hold the key to survival?

As mankind suffers from famine and impoverishment, former Union Marine - turned cab driver -Hank Snider is sickened by extreme boredom. After he manages to save Professor Alan Serrano from certain death, he is let in on one of the Union's biggest secrets.

An unknown origin message that has arrived at the Union's center.

He now has to make a choice. He either has to ignore the truth and continue with his comfortable life or... go on a humanity-saving mission.

Together with Professor Serrano, they obtain both a ship and a crew and start an intergalactic journey of awesomeness. The clock is ticking and they need to know who the real sender of the message is before it is too late.

How can they decrypt the message that might be their ticket to success against the corrupt government?

Lordstar is the first book in the Emancipation series, that features macho characters, kickass fights, and general badassery. If you never got over that Firefly got canceled, you will love this fast-paced Space Opera by G.P. Eliot.

Unlock Lordstar to start a testosterone journey today!


by G.P. Eliot

© Made with a strictly scientific approach for G.P. Eliot