The encrypted message that has arrived at the Union's center either holds the key to the survival of the human species...or its doom.

Realizing that suffering from extreme boredom was not so bad afterall, Captain Hank Snider and his badass crew need to act fast. After stealing the super-advanced ship called Dalida from the Union’s headquarters, they run to discover the meaning behind the mystery message.

Unaware that the worst is yet to come, they also discover the true reason of existence of the highly classified military project “Dalida”...

With the Union’s greatest weapon out for blood, they are running out of time...and luck. And when Lory, Hank’s female version, gets captured, time runs even shorter.

If the message falls in the wrong hands, it will mean humanity's last extinction level event...

Dalida is the second book in the Emancipation series, that features macho characters and astonishing huge battles. If “badassery” and awesomeness is what you’re looking for, you will love this adventurous Space Opera by G.P. Eliot.

Discover Dalida to start your own kickass fight today!

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